Commit to Chicago’s Youth

You are wanted!

Are you Interested in Hiring a JOB1 Intern?

The Rotary Club of Chicago in partnership with the Chicago Public Schools wants to thank you in advance for your commitment to our JOB1 Program by hiring a summer intern. Because of employers like you, young people are getting the kind of work experience that they otherwise would not have access to. We really hope that you will make a difference for JOB1.  JOB1 interns are all pre-qualified and screened by the Rotary Club of Chicago, including:

  1. Participation in extra-curricular programs (such as Chicago Public Schools’ Education to Careers and programs of the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship).
  2. Recommended by a teacher or guidance counselor.
  3. Attendance at three job training programs sponsored by the Rotary Club of Chicago and designed by professional training partners.
  4. Participate in a volunteer service project.
  5. Mentoring and advising by the businessmen and women of the local Rotary community.

We would very much appreciate your commitment to hire a qualified Chicago Public High School student for 8 weeks, starting in June 2023. Recommended wage is at least $13.00 an hour, 20-40 hours week. Thank you in advance for your participation and help us to make a difference in the lives of young people this summer! Please respond today by emailing the Rotary Office at mailto: job1@RotaryOne.Club and let us know if you can hire one or more students.