International Service Committee

The primary focus of the International Service Committee is:

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene
Health – Maternal and Child Health and Disease Prevention and Treatment
Basic Education and Literacy

Committee Co-Chairs:  Şeyda Calderwood and Marga Hewko

Current Projects
(as of June 21, 2022)


  • Ukraine Humanitarian Relief: providing medical supplies
  • Vilnius University Hospital, Lithuania: purchase CBP machine for pediatric heart surgery
  • Golden Needle, Turkey: develop and provide equipment to train low-income women to work in garment trade
  • Haiti: provide training to repair musical instruments for school and community orchestras
  • Cotobullpa, Bolivia: install irrigation system to improve agricultural outcomes
  • Quilpe, Chile: provide basic water management systems in area suffering 20-year drought
  • Vision of the Future, Rosario, Argentina: purchase Optical Coherence Tomography equipment for regional hospital
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil: provide physical reconditioning equipment for disabled individuals
  • Jujuy, Argentina: create Mothers’ Milk Bank to provide better nutrition for premature infants
  • Antayla Kaleici, Turkey: develop program to provide assistance to orphaned young adults in obtaining jobs
  • Morocco: train the trainers to provide neuro-rehabilitation training to therapists


  • Bolivia: the First Five Club collaborative is working to develop a project in Bolivia. Under consideration:

  o Providing X-Ray machines in rural communities to be used in conjunction with telemedicine delivery system

  o Develop a program to distribute HPV testing kits to detect HPV and provide early treatment

  • Lviv, Ukraine: develop the only stem cell cryobank, the only one in a public hospital in Ukraine
  • Tanzania: bring water and solar energy to 4 small villages
  • Uganda: improve hygiene abd healthcare in villages, partnering with Balumu
  • Burkina Faso: build wall to protect wells, provide water tower and sanitary facilities for village
  • Quibdo, Colombia: provide furnishings and supplies for a new school in poor rural village



  • Senegal Cervical Cancer project
  • Restoring Smiles in Sao Paulo Brazil
  • Restoration of the Rio Naranjos Watershed, Ecuador
  • Rehab Center for Children, Cochabamba, Bolivia


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