Josefa Ortiz De Dominguez Elementary School Sensory Room

CPS Opportunity Grant Winner Brings Sensory Room to Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez Elementary School

Here is an inside look into the room that was created by the CPS grant winner, Evelyn Gamboa, who is an Occupational Therapist at Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez Elementary School.

This regulation room is intended to support students who are having a difficult time with self-regulation and integrate a structured motor/brain break into their schedule.

Evelyn Gamboa works with students who have a variety of needs ranging from Down syndrome, autism, developmental delays, ADHD, cognitive and physical impairments, to name a few. As a school-based Occupational Therapist, Evelyn is always looking for creative ways to make changes to her students’ environments or use multi-sensory tools to help them regulate their minds and bodies.

With the CPS Opportunity Grant, awarded by the Community Service Committee, Evelyn was able to bring life to her vision of a structured, centralized room that students can use to help them self-regulate in order to better participate in the school and classroom setting. The room has a ball pit, inflatable rockers, special lighting, multi-sensory manipulatives, weighted lap pads, sensory panels, a diffuser, and a space walk pad to create an environment where students can receive proprioceptive, vestibular, auditory, visual, and tactile input.

Learn more about the Community Service Committee’s CPS Opportunity Grant program here.