Rotarian Reflection – Alejandra Canseco

I came last year to study University of Chicago and my grandmother and aunt asked me to go to Evanston and take picture of the statue that commemorated the Polio Plus campaign.

My grandfather Dr. Carlos Canseco had been Rotary International President and started it during his year. We had always grown up knowing about Rotary and how people strived to get together and find ways to create solutions and better humanity. I have always been impressed by the impact it causes and how it brings together nations. When I was studying in Italy, one couple which was friends with my grandparents through Rotary received me at their home and it was just so touching to realize the strength of friendships it can create, they didn’t even know me but wanted to meet and tell me all about their stories. Carlo Ravizza (was also RI President) and his wife Rosanna were the ones who received me at their house in Milan 💕💕💕



In Mexico, I wasn’t part of actual Rotary Club but was part of the Red Cross, participated in Techo for building homes and many others. So when I came back to Chicago, it seemed fit to join and I could continue participating and collaborating.

The following book is written by one of my cousins about leadership, dedication, passion, style and philosophy inspired by the work and life of my grandfather who an exceptional legacy to follow. It’s short and very adhoc to everyone who is in Rotary looking to live a life exceling in service:  

Exist or Excel?: The Opportunity to Thrive: The Life and Work of Doctor Carlos Canseco González


Additional Photos:

Statue at Rotary International in Evanston that commemorates the Polio Plus campaign to eradicate polio worldwide.

My Grandmother Maria Aurora doing the Rotary campaign for Polio.

Grandparents and my parents Rodolfo Canseco and Alejandra Aldape and aunts and uncles.

Some photos of my service projects.

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