Expectations of Club Members

The Rotary Club of Chicago – the founding club in the worldwide Rotary movement – is a group of professional individuals committed to local and international service, each other’s personal and professional success and setting the standard for ethical leadership.

As such, we expect the following from each other:

Ethical Behavior

Ethical behavior in our personal and professional lives. We expect each member to strive to set the standard for ethical behavior in his or her vocation and community.


  • Participation in Club activities. We expect each member to attend at least 50% of the Club’s weekly luncheon meetings in a six-month period. In recognition of the other, pressing obligations of the individuals elected to membership in the Club, participation in other activities are considered in lieu of attendance at the weekly luncheons, including attendance at other Rotary club meetings, participation in the Club service activities, attendance at Club committee meetings and participation in Rotary District and Rotary International activities.
  • Participation in Club service projects. As the world’s first service club, we expect that each member of the Club not only support the Club’s service projects financially through the Rotary/One Foundation, but actively plan and participate in the execution of those service projects. Each member of the Club chooses or is assigned to at least one committee or project task force, which is charged with the planning and coordination of those activities.

Promoting the Club

We expect each member to serve as an ambassador for other personal and professional contacts. Our hope is that members will invite those people they believe to be best suited to join our Club to attend and participate in Club activities and programs, giving them the opportunity to share in our experience.

Commitment to each other’s success

As a club originally founded to facilitate business networking, we encourage members to support each other professionally. Through our weekly luncheon meetings, fellowship activities and service projects, we expect that members will develop relationships that will encourage and enable them to advance in their careers.

Facilitation of Club meetings

We expect that each member of the Club will facilitate at least one luncheon meeting annually by serving as a greeter of members and guests, invocator or similar role.

Financial Obligations
Prompt payment of dues to support the Club’s operations. Members are permitted to charge weekly luncheons and other Club-related expenses to their member accounts. Members are invoiced monthly and are expected to make prompt payment.

Support of the ROTARY/One Foundation

The ROTARY/One Foundation underwrites the service efforts of the Club. We expect that every member of the Club will a) make contributions to the Rotary/One Foundation commensurate with his or her ability; and b) make the Rotary/One Foundation a top priority for his or her personal philanthropy. Our hope is that each member of the Club each year becomes a Ches Perry Fellow, a designation currently awarded to any person who makes a $1,000 contribution to the Rotary/One Foundation.

Support of The Rotary Foundation

The Rotary Foundation underwrites international service efforts coordinated by Rotary International. We expect that every member of the Club will make contributions to The Rotary Foundation commensurate with his or her ability. Our hope is that each member of the Club becomes a Paul Harris Fellow, a designation currently awarded to any person who makes a $1,000 contribution to The Rotary Foundation.

Approved by Board of Directors on October 3, 2023