ROTARY/One Partners with LINK Unlimited Scholars


Please Be the Change we need in this world!

In July 2022, ROTARY/One initiated a partnership among LINK Unlimited Scholars, ROTARY/One, and the Rotary Club of Chicago Southeast. Through mentorship, parental engagement, and rigorous supplemental educational programs for its scholars, LINK has enhanced the lives of thousands in ways that are immeasurable. ROTARY/One and the Rotary Club of Chicago Southeast are seeking to provide a pool of mentors for the Link program that will leverage the unique strengths of Rotary to expose scholars to opportunities and experiences that they might not otherwise ever experience.

ROTARY/One is seeking volunteers to serve as mentors for LINK Unlimited Scholars and educate the Club and our larger Rotary community about the program.  Please volunteer today by contacting Marshall Schmitt at 630-624-4291 or

Marshall Schmitt and Aleta Williams are always available to answer any questions.