ROTARY/One Member Spotlight: Şeyda Calderwood

Şeyda Calderwood

Şeyda Calderwood

Şeyda Calderwood is a dynamic individual who thrives on the exhilaration of life. With a deep-rooted passion for Rotary, she dedicates herself to making a positive impact globally.

As the proud owner of an Allstate agency, she seamlessly blends her enthusiasm for insurance with her entrepreneurial spirit, ensuring that her clients are well-protected while enjoying the journey of life to the fullest. Whether it’s having fun with friends and family or making a difference through Rotary, Şeyda is a true embodiment of the joy of living.

Şeyda moved to Chicago from Istanbul, Turkiye in 2001. She joined the Rotary Club of Chicago in 2021. Şeyda is Co-Chair of the International Service Committee and serves as a director on the ROTARY/One board. Click here to connect with Şeyda on LinkedIn. 

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