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114 years

The World's First Service Club    
Making a Difference Since 1905     
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As featured at the 2008 RI Convention in Los Angeles, Click Here for a Presentation.




This photograph of Rotary founder Paul Harris is located in a scrapbook titled “What Happened At Paw Paw to the Rotary Club Boys July 10-11, 1909”.


Through its archives, the Rotary Club of Chicago collects, preserves and makes accessible the history of Rotary and specifically The Rotary Club of Chicago.  It includes many documents and photographs of the founders of Rotary, along with a wide variety of documents and materials. 


For a quick view of some photos, Archives


To access more information on the Rotary Club of Chicago Archives and see materials from its collection, click here.



 The Boys of 1905 - From the Archives of ROTARY/One



ROTARY/One Foundation

Rotaract Club of Chicago
University of Chicago Rotaract Club

Mailing Address:
65 West Jackson Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60604 
Meeting Reservations:
All welcome, please register in advance in CALENDAR.
(3 1 2) 8 5 7 - 3 1 6 1
Voice mail  or text message only
Virtual Office:
(3 1 2) 3 7 2 - 3 9 0 0
(not located at ULC)

Conor Gee,

David Phelps,
chief administrative officer

Nancy Phelps,
member services  
Nancy Ashburn,